About us


Launched in 1970, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN was a career and self-development magazine targeted to African American students and other students of color seeking information on careers, job opportunities, graduate/professional school, internships/co-ops, study abroad programs and more. The magazine was distributed primarily through the career services offices of over 800 campuses nationwide. Year after year, the Western College Placement Association ranked THE BLACK COLLEGIAN the #1 career opportunities magazine focusing on collegians of color, and #2 overall.

In November 1995, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online was launched to reach an even larger audience, providing information on career development, self-development, job opportunities, study abroad programs, health and fitness, graduate/professionals schools, internships/co-ops and other important information designed to help students make a smooth transition from college to a successful career. 

In 1997, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online evolved to become IMDiversity.com. This one-stop career and self-development site/job board aimed to serve the cultural and career-related needs of underrepresented minority groups, specifically African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and women. The goal of IMDiversity.com was to provide job seekers with access to the largest database of equal opportunity employers committed to workplace diversity. 

The mission of IMDiversity.com was twofold:

1.     Help people find a job and empower them with free, practical tools and information they needed to succeed.

2.     Provide people with political, economic and spiritual information specific to their ethnic group, thus empowering them to achieve personal fulfillment.

Today, IMDiversity.com continues its online presence as a hub of information and resources regarding graduate/professional schools, industry reports and studies, diversity issues and extracurricular activities. Available to all job seekers and not necessarily just those of color, IMDiversity.com offers tips on topics such as choosing the right grad school, succeeding in grad school and finding graduate study opportunities, organizations and scholarships. The site includes a job board full of career opportunities mainly for experienced/professional-level job seekers. 

In 2013, millennials inspired the creation of DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS, a print and digital publication offering a job board with career opportunities that specifically target new college graduates of diverse backgrounds in every industry nationwide. Set to launch in January 2018, the magazine will preserve the company’s brand and continue to seek answers to questions such as:

  • What are the hallmarks of employers who are most proactive and successful in reaching their diversity goals to benefit their organization’s mission?
  • What resistances and obstacles must be overcome?
  • What does diversity mean today?

The persistent exploration of these questions and our company’s founding values will serve to guide the staff of DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS.

We are a Certified Minority Vendor